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Ahoy! Your ship is ready to sail. She has been outfitted with the latest technology, the latest medicines and the most experienced crew this side starboard. Arrgh, I am your Captain and Lisa is yer First Mate. Climb aboard. The seas will be rough though the sun will shine. We shall sail the seas for that distant shore where cancer is no more.  A place like no other, where cancer survivors go to celebrate life before returning home to their regular life. These distant shores may be far away, but, as your Captain, my crew and I will be with you every step of the way.

Treating cancer can be a perilous journey, but what does it mean to be the Captain of your ship? Well, the treatment of breast cancer requires a multidisciplinary team of doctors and nurses and caregivers and husbands and mommies and daughters and friends and crazy insurance companies and hospitals, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. But someone, other than you, needs to take charge and work God’s plan for you. You need to focus on getting your treatments and attaining peace so your treatments can be as effective as possible. While your husband, family and friends will be there to drive you to treatments, to count out your pills, make your meals and change your bed linens, you need a helper to insure you are receiving the best care possible. That is where I become your Captain. I review your treatment plans, discuss those plans with your physicians and make final decisions with you. And I also check on you to make sure you are showing up to your appointments and taking your treatments.

Treating breast cancer is a complicated process that requires coordination of care, expertise and access to multiple resources. My team at KCBC has many years of experience. We know how to best coordinate care, share our expertise with you, and link you to resources. We will sail the seven seas in search of the best treatments to give you the best chance at beating breast cancer. We fight like a girl!

Most importantly, you are one of God’s children and we have a responsibility to God and to you, to see that we arrive safely on the shore where cancer is no more.