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Heading to Orlando for the American Society of Breast Surgeons Annual Meeting April 30I’m packing my bags and heading to Orlando! Now, what should I do while I’m there?

How about visit Universal Studios or Walt Disney? Hmmm… ESPN sounds nice. So does golfing and fishing. Wait! I know!


This weekend is the annual meeting of the American Society of Breast Surgeons, an opportunity to study the latest advances in the surgical treatment of breast cancer and to learn how I can serve my patients better. Perhaps not an annual meeting is not as adventurous as Walt Disney World,  but it’s much more important.

In life, we are constantly progressing. Medicine is too. We want our medicines to be better and have fewer side effects and we want our surgical procedures to cure but with less pain and morbidity. As we make new discoveries, refine techniques, and develop technology, we are changing the way we approach the human body. It is my responsibility to keep up to speed on these changes as they happen so I can give the best care that I can.

Medical therapy for breast cancer improves every year. Surgical techniques are refined and we can treat more with less radiation. By attending these meetings in years past, I have learned new surgical techniques which lessened breast scarring. I learned about less invasive lymph node surgery and how to reduce the risk of lymphedema. I learned about sex after breast cancer and how to help my patients enjoy a fulfilling relationships, even after breast cancer treatment.

 This year I will attend a full day course about breast cancer in young women, because young women have special needs when it comes to breast cancer. I will also study the role of risk prediction and genetic testing, review challenges in screening, local and systemic therapy, and the factors that impact decision making. The seminar will conclude with a discussion of long-term survivorship issues, including fertility preservation, pregnancy after breast cancer, sexuality, and overall quality of life.

The reason why I’m attending this meeting 650 miles away: I want to help young women not only survive breast cancer, but have a long, fulfilling  life to happily share with their loved ones..

I also enjoy the American Society of Breast Surgeons meetings, because it is an opportunity to meet old friends, exchange ideas with colleagues, and study with the experts. The Annual Meeting is a grand opportunity to share with surgeons who are equally passionate about finding a cure for breast cancer.

I won’t be fishing. I won’t be golfing. I won’t even go to Walt Disney World. However, I will be learning how to fight breast cancer and that’s what I’m called to do.

May God bless all of you.  May your Sabbath be a time to connect with God, love your family, and to rest. Have a blessed weekend!