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Breast Cancer Treatment SurgeonI am proud to have earned a Certification in Oncoplastic Surgery Education from the School of Oncoplastic Surgery. This is significant for my patients because oncoplastic surgery is considered the most advanced form of breast cancer surgery. It combines surgery to remove the breast cancer with plastic and reconstructive techniques to reshape the breasts for the best possible cosmetic results.

Oncoplastic surgery can help increase the number of women eligible for breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy). The techniques also allow me to better reduce the chances of having a divot at the cancer site.

In many cases, surgery to remove the cancer can be performed in conjunction with a breast reduction, augmentation, lift, mastectomy or reconstruction, depending on patient preference and clinical circumstances. This increased knowledge and understanding of the breast allows me to coordinate surgical care with a Plastic Surgeon, leading to an improved cosmetic outcome while preserving the oncologic importance of the operation.

Gail Lebovic, M.D., School of Oncoplastic Surgery founder and course director, says, “Historically, breast cancer surgeons have not received essential training to help them deal with the aesthetic and reconstructive aspects of breast cancer surgery. This fragmented approach unfortunately leads to poor outcomes and a gap in patient care. In many cases, patients are left without access to surgeons trained in the art of partial or total breast reconstruction and at least 30% of patients are not satisfied with the appearance of their breast after surgery.”

It takes additional knowledge, effort and skills training to achieve equivalent survival rates and better cosmetic results, and I am passionate about continually honing my skills in order to master the most advanced surgical techniques.

Pursuing certification in oncoplastic surgery is part of my steadfast dedication to learning the most comprehensive and thoughtful approach to improve outcomes for my breast cancer patients. My goal always is to optimize cosmetic results without compromising cancer control.

Oncoplastic surgical techniques and tools allow me to better understand:

  • The effects of surgery on nipple location
  • The effects of radiation on breast contour
  • The effects of blood supply to the breast
  • How to use your own breast tissue to “fill in” the cavity left by surgery
  • How to work with a plastic surgeon to optimize outcome

As part of the certification, I learned from world-renowned pioneers in oncoplastic surgery about the latest research and advances in breast cancer removal and breast reconstruction. I want to help women recover and heal physically and emotionally as fully and quickly as possible, and I’m confident that oncoplastic surgical techniques will benefit many of my patients.

If you’d like to discuss the most successful surgical treatments for breast cancer, I am happy to consult with you. Or, if you’ve recently been diagnosed with breast cancer or are wondering if you should seek a second opinion on your diagnosis or surgical plan, I am also happy to consult with you. I have an office at Tennova Turkey Creek in West Knoxville and an office adjacent to Tennova North Knoxville Medical Center just off of Emory Road in Powell.

My extensive research and dedication to continual learning have distinguished me as a leader in the field of specialized breast cancer oncology. To learn more about my compassionate surgical care approach, visit or call (865) 692-1610.