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I am alive today because of the American Cancer Society.Margulies pink ribbon image

I believe in the American Cancer Society.

I am giving back and volunteering for the American Cancer Society.

As co-chair of the American Cancer Society’s Strides Against Breast Cancer, I am returning the efforts that the American Cancer Society exerted on my behalf.

I survived melanoma (skin cancer) because the American Cancer Society provided funding for research on melanoma, provided funding for the development of guidelines for treatment, and led the effort to educate the public (and me) on the signs and symptoms of melanoma.

The American Cancer Society began as an organization of physicians with the goal of educating the public about and making the public aware of their nemesis, cancer.

The society eventually grew to include community activists and today the American Cancer Society provides many services to the cancer community including the funding of cancer research and the petitioning of the government on behalf of cancer patients.

If I can help just one more person survive cancer, if I can help one more mother celebrate a lifetime full of birthdays with her children, if I can help a father attend the graduation of his kids, if I can help a young person fulfill their life’s dreams, then I have satisfied my desire to give back to the American Cancer Society.

I am blessed that my life’s calling, my ministry, is to treat and cure breast cancer. But if I can go beyond my calling and do a little bit extra, then I am fulfilling God’s complete promise for me.

As the Cancer Liaison Physician for Tennova Healthcare, it is my responsibility to monitor the quality of cancer delivery to patients within the Tennova system.

The Commission on Cancer, which oversees the program, has certain quality guidelines that must be met to ensure that patients receive quality cancer care from their providers.

If I can help Tennova Healthcare and the physicians at Tennova deliver the best in cancer quality care, then I am helping Tennesseans survive their cancer scares and I am able to help save additional lives.

The American Cancer Society and the American College of Surgeons jointly monitor the Commission on Cancer and the delivery of quality cancer care. The American Cancer Society funds the Commission on Cancer.

I believe in quality cancer care.

I can help ensure the delivery of quality cancer care in our community by volunteering as the Cancer Liaison Physician between Tennova Healthcare and the Commission on Cancer.

I am supporting the delivery of quality cancer care in our community by co-chairing the ACS Strides Against Breast Cancer to help raise the funds and give back to the community that has blessed me with a second chance at life. These funds will support the Commission on Cancer, support funding for breast cancer research and support those programs that help ensure quality of care for breast cancer patients, survivors and their families.


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