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Breast Cancer Treatment SurgeonBreast cancer surgical techniques are constantly evolving, and I’m passionate about keeping up with the latest advances. As I’ve said before, by the time a physician retires 80% of their practice was learned after residency.

Towards that end, I am looking forward to attending the School of Oncoplastic Surgery for three days in September in Newport Beach, CA. I’ll be learning from world-renowned pioneers in oncoplastic surgery about the latest research and advances in breast cancer removal and breast reconstruction.

Oncoplastic surgery is the surgical procedure for breast cancer patients that involves reshaping the breasts at the time of initial surgery. It combines the surgical tumor removal, a lumpectomy or mastectomy, and plastic or reconstructive surgery techniques. The goal of oncoplastic surgery is to remove the cancerous tumor and tissue from the breast and then reshape the remaining breast tissue into a normal-appearing breast, leaving little “hidden” physical evidence of cancer treatment.

Some skills I’ll be refining at the conference include:

  • Partial breast reconstruction with BioZorb®
  • Avoiding the post-lumpectomy defect
  • Addressing the post-lumpectomy defect
  • Addressing lower pole lesions
  • Managing breast cancer in women with implants

Not all patients undergoing breast conservation therapy require oncoplastic surgery. But for those that do, the latest oncoplastic surgical techniques greatly improve the ability to reshape or rebuild the breast to maintain a more natural appearance. Patients can have confidence in knowing that their cancerous tumor has been removed while the physical appearance of their breasts is preserved as much as possible, without having to undergo separate surgeries.

However, some women will require more extensive reconstructive procedures than one oncoplastic surgery. If that’s the case, a plastic surgeon will be consulted in order to provide the best reconstruction outcome possible.

My goal is to help women recover and heal physically and emotionally from the cancer journey as fully and quickly as possible, and I’m confident that oncoplastic surgical techniques will benefit many of my patients.


If you’d like to discuss the most successful surgical treatments for breast cancer, I am happy to consult with you. Committed to serving breast cancer patients through my solo practice in Breast Surgical Oncology and General Surgery, I have offices at Tennova Turkey Creek Medical Center in West Knoxville, at Tennova North Knoxville Medical Center in Powell, at Jefferson Memorial Hospital, and in Newport. My extensive research and dedication to continual learning have distinguished me as a leader in the field. To learn more about my compassionate surgical care approach visit or call (865) 692-1610.