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New Beginnings in Powell, TNWhen we have faith and hope, we rise upon wings like eagles.  We soar among the clouds, reaching for the best in ourselves. I have landed in Powell, TN.

An extension to my practice in West Knoxville, I have just opened a new location in Powell, TN just off of Emory Road, near the I-75 exit.

Access to medical care means being able to find the physician you need where you live. As a breast surgical oncologist, I have made a commitment to provide care so that women can have the best chance of beating breast cancer, regardless of where they live.

The women I serve don’t just live in Knoxville. They live in Powell, Halls and Karns too. They come from all over East Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia. By opening an office in Powell, I hope to make it easier for these women as they travel, seeking advice, compassion and excellence in their battle against breast cancer.

The radiologists serving the communities along the north I-75 corridor are dedicated radiologists with a passion for their profession. They are committed to diagnose breast cancer through screening programs and non-surgical biopsies.  I chose to be near them and work with them, because  it is a great joy to find a team of colleagues that do their jobs well and with great enthusiasm.

I will continue my work at Turkey Creek Medical Center because the cancer physicians there are dedicated in their efforts to diagnose and treat all types of cancer. We meet as a group to discuss challenging cancer cases, identify the best strategies to treat difficult cancers, and to learn. Discussing cancer cases with colleagues is an important way to ensure excellence in patient care. As a team, we can identify best practices while identifying possible clinical trials, providing physicians with the most up to date information they need to deliver the best cancer care.

The teams of cancer physicians, radiologists, medical and radiation oncologists at both North Knoxville Medical Center and Turkey Creek Medical Center, have that desire to heal. Working side-by-side with them is of great comfort to me.

Being a breast surgical oncologist has brought great meaning to my life. God has allowed me to guide women through their treatments and it has been a great blessing to be used in that way. I have developed strong relationships with physicians to ensure that my patients receive the best and most advanced care available. I enjoy working with the nurses to help ease the burden of treatment for our patients. I love being with my patients and they continue to teach me how to live a meaningful and spiritual life.

I am blessed. To give back to the community, I have an office at Turkey Creek Medical Center and a new office in Powell, just off Emory Road at the I-75 exit.