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Thank You


Angels do exist. I encounter their presence often. Angels are with me in the Operating Theater, looking over my shoulder, guiding my hand, relaxing my patient as we remove the tumor. Angels are with me in the office, focusing my thoughts and comforting you as we sketch out a plan to save you from cancer. Angels are with me when I study and read my journals, opening my mind to safer and more effective ways to get rid of breast cancer.

But when an Angel comes in the form of a card from one of my patients, then I feel truly blessed.

When you, my patients, open your hearts and express to me the gratitude you have, then I sense a real purpose and an honest senseof inner joy. The corners of my mouth rise and a tear falls from my eyes. We exist to serve God and when you say, “Thank you,” to me, I can feel God patting me on the back.

You, my patients, are very special to me. It is my honor, and my passion, to serve you. May God continue to bless you and grant you a renewal of body and spirit.

Aaron G. Margulies, MD, FACS