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Breast Cancer Treatment SurgeonThe world of breast cancer research and treatment is always changing, so staying on top of the most up-to-date advances in providing patient care simply must be a continual pursuit.

For that reason, Dr. Aaron Margulies, Breast Surgical Oncologist, and his wife Imelda Margulies, FNP and Director of Clinical Genetics Services, recently attended and received diplomas from the School of Breast Oncology in Atlanta, Georgia.

The School of Breast Oncology was developed as a curriculum-based program focused exclusively on breast cancer clinical management. The intensive 3-day interactive program provides a comprehensive review of the most important aspects of breast cancer biology, diagnostics, prevention, and treatment. Leading clinical researchers present lectures detailing clinical updates and how patients who are undergoing treatment might be affected by the most recent advances.

For Dr. Margulies, there were three critical takeaways from the program regarding the future of breast cancer surgeries and treatment:

  1. The path to kill breast cancer is rapidly progressing and there are no less than five new classes of medications being tested against breast cancer. 
  2. Surgery is becoming less disfiguring and reconstruction techniques are yielding more natural-looking results. 
  3. Surgical treatment of  Lymphedema (painful swelling of the arm following surgery or treatment) is crossing the horizon and will be with us soon.

Imelda Margulies was also inspired by three key findings that support her work in helping breast cancer patients understand the role of genetic testing:

  1. All women and men with breast cancer need BRCA / genetic testing because the most effective breast cancer treatments may depend on the genes present. 
  2. Breast cancer screening saves lives and screening is becoming more accurate and more comfortable all the time. 
  3. Diet, exercise, and yoga are proven methods to reduce the risk of breast cancer and to reduce the risk of recurrence.

The program reinforced and expanded our expertise in the treatment and management of breast cancer. We remain steadfastly committed to continually pursuing our understanding of the most pivotal and emerging information on the pathogenesis and management of breast cancer.

Knowledge is power when it comes to caring for those who are navigating the world of breast cancer, and we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, life-saving genetic testing and surgical treatments to each and every patient. 

Dr. Margulies and Imelda Margulies are committed to serving breast cancer patients with genetic testing, breast surgical oncology and general surgery at offices in Tennova Turkey Creek Medical Center in West Knoxville, at Tennova North Knoxville Medical Center in Powell, at Jefferson Memorial Hospital, and in Newport.

Their extensive research and dedication to continual learning have distinguished them as leaders in the field of specialized breast cancer oncology. To learn more about the Margulies’s compassionate breast cancer care approach, visit or call (865) 692-1610.