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 The Mission: Cure Breast Cancer 

We have come so far and we are so close to the dream of a breast cancer free world. We discovered the estrogen receptor and created tamoxifen to shut it down. We discovered the Her2 receptor (the most deadly of breast cancers) and created Herceptin to shut it down. We can now kill most breast cancers and stop many of them in their tracks.  The vast majority of breast cancers can now be fended off for a long time, giving women the opportunities to experience life with their families. Mothers now have the chance to watch their daughters grow up and become mothers themselves.

However, there are still breast cancers that we need to beat,  those that do not have the estrogen receptor and do not have the Her2 receptor.These are what we call, the Triple Negative Breast Cancers. We must find a way to stop these cancers.  While we are on the right path in finding a cure for these aggressive cancers, more research needs to be done. That kind of research is expensive. I hope to contribute to the cause by participating in Real Men Wear Pink.

Real Men Wear Pink is a campaign to raise funds for breast cancer research and is part of the American Cancer Society’s Strides Against Breast Cancer. All monies raised will go towards defeating breast cancer through research, raising awareness, or assisting patient with their financial needs. It is my hope that you will join me.

Our team is Lola Grace and Jessica. Lola is Filipino for grandma. Imelda’s, my beautiful bride of 19 years, mother died of breast cancer over ten years ago and we are raising funds in her memory. Jessica,  our dear friend, is a breast cancer survivor. We are raising awareness so that young women like Jessica will get mammograms, do self-examinations, and regularly see their doctor. Breast cancer that is found in its early stages is the most treatable.

This campaign is a competition among real men. While the ultimate goal is to raise funds to defeat breast cancer, we are exercising our natural competitive tendencies to see who can raise the most funds and who can sign up the most team members. I need your help.

Please go to my team website, Lola Grace and Jessica, and sign up. Even if you only donate a dollar, I would like you to be on my team. While all Real Men Wear Pink contestants share the same dream, as the only physician contestant, I do want to win. Would you please help me show Knoxville that real doctors wear pink too?

What’s the Real Men Wear Pink Campaign & Why Should You Support It?

The Real Men Wear Pink of Knoxville 2015 campaign is a group of community and business leaders who are committing fight against breast cancer. As an effort to raise awareness, we will be wearing pink and participating in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk at World’s Fair Park on Sunday, October 4, 2015. I need your support! As I team up with the American Cancer Society (ACS), you can help save more lives as we take great strides to eliminate breast cancer. The ACS is dedicated to improving the lives by helping people stay well and get well, researching better treatment options, finding cures, and fighting back. Your donation will not only help me win this campaign, it will also (more importantly!) help the women in your lives and in our community beat breast cancer and live fuller lives.


Please click on the photo above to make a donation OR click here to join my team!

Want to see how I’m stacking up against my competition?

Visit Real Men Wear Pink to view my progress!

Thank you in advance for your support!