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Breast Cancer Treatment Surgeon

Dr. Aaron Margulies & Imeda Margulies, Director of Clinical Genetic Services

My journey as a Breast Surgical Oncologist began in California where I first practiced general surgery in a suburb of San Francisco. General surgery is rewarding, but what I found most fulfilling was counseling and treating patients with breast cancer.

Because of my passion, I brought needed breast services to my community, such as: stereotactic guided core needle biopsy; Sentinel Node Biopsy for breast cancer; Tumor Board for physicians to discuss complicated breast cancer cases; and recruiting plastic surgeons to come to my community to assist with reconstruction.

Still, I wanted to learn more and fully dedicate my surgical career to treating breast cancer, so I  spent two years at the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute in Arkansas. While there, I delved into the basic science of breast cancer and performed cutting-edge research with exceptional scientists. I was one of only five distinguished AstraZeneca Scholars and presented a paper to the 2005 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium for my research on metastatic breast cancer to the bones.

The treatment of breast cancer is constantly advancing, so I’m especially passionate about keeping up with the latest learnings and surgical techniques. I recently attended the School of Oncoplastic Surgery and received certification as an Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon. I’ve become a leading surgeon of Hidden Scar Surgery, which is an advanced approach to removing breast cancer while greatly minimizing the visibility of the scar.

I’ve become a leading surgeon in our community of Reconstructive Lumpectomies, a technique to achieve a more thorough removal of breast cancer. There are amazing options today, including the use of BioZorb®, that greatly improve the ability to reconstruct the breast to have a more natural appearance.

Compassionate Captain

My convictions and level of compassion distinguish me as a leading Breast Surgical Oncologist. I strongly believe that each patient should be armed with all the knowledge there is about the type of breast cancer he or she has, as well as fully understand the treatment options.

I also believe it takes a team to adequately care for each patient, and I take the responsibility as captain of each patient’s care team. Clear communication among oncologists, radiologists, nurses, and each care provider along a patient’s journey is critical to successful outcomes. My wife, Imelda Margulies, works alongside me as a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and the Director of Clinical Genetic Services.

This level of dedicated care and communication takes time, which is why I decided to open a solo practice in 2015. I chose to buck the trend of joining a large group practice or take a  position with a hospital so that I could work independently, giving my patients all the time and attention they need and deserve.

It’s the honor of a lifetime to be able to serve so many patients who are navigating the journey of breast cancer. As captain of their care team, it’s my goal to make the waters a little less choppy and to stay with them every step of the way.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with breast cancer or are wondering if you should seek a second opinion on your diagnosis or treatment plan, I am happy to consult with you. I have an office at Tennova Turkey Creek in West Knoxville and an office adjacent to Tennova North Knoxville Medical Center just off of Emory Road in Powell. My extensive research and dedication to continual learning have distinguished me as a leader in the field. To learn more about my compassionate surgical care approach visit or call (865) 692-1610.